New Details on Data-Fly

Set to take the stealth-action genre by storm, there are currently few details surrounding this exciting new PS3 game – Data-Fly – currently in development by ORiGO Gaming Entertainment. We at PSU had the recent opportunity to chat with Adam McClard, President and CEO of the Chinese games development firm about the new game, where we learned exciting new details on the storyline, gameplay and the release date/platforms.

In a world and location unknown, an entity emerges from a capsule in the desert, a nanotech artificial intelligent lifeform called FLY. FLY is given orders through her internal programming and told she is to follow out a directive to release her creator "Azadeh" from confinement, deep within a military facility, located in a canyon side near her location. However, the expected activation time for FLY unit is found to be 2 decades late, and the location of Azadeh has changed. Now FLY must unravel the location of Azadeh, without being captured herself.

Data-Fly is a first of its kind stealth/action title. Data-Fly gives players control of a Nanotech Artificial Intelligent lifeform, who has been activated with the primary directive to find it’s creator, without being captured. Data-Fly must infiltrate some of the most highly advanced military outposts in the world. Using stealth as her weapon, she must survive, and complete her objectives at all costs. With the ability to shape-shift into almost any form, as well as replicate items and weapons with her body, players can choose their own pace. Tactics can range from all out frontal attacks, to sneaking through enemy lines by mimicking enemy soldiers, and personnel.

Data-Fly is a free-form, play-it-your-way experience that doesn’t penalize the player for taking either a guns-blazing, sword slashing, or an entirely stealthy approach. This game looks to be an breath of fresh air in a heavily stereotyped genre.

ORiGO is aiming for a 2008 release on the Xbox 360, and is TBA for PS3, though a PS3 version will be made.

"Everyone knows the PS3 has power to boot in terms of processing, leaving us room to apply more powerful physics systems, and interactivity. We are keeping tight lipped for now, but you will have to ask again next year when we show more," Adam stated.

We at PSU will you updated with more info on the "Fly". Best of luck to Adam and his team at ORiGO in their future developments.

ORiGO’s website: here