New details provided about MotorStorm 2

In the latest issue of NEO+, a Polish console magazine, new MotorStorm 2 details have emerged about specific game content and customization available to the user. We’ve included scans below for you to enjoy and from what we can gather, they are from the in-game replay system.

According to the magazine you will be able to customize your driver to personalize your experience and to further that, you will now be able to customize your vehicles as well with paint and adding new parts. On top of this you’ll be given the ability to listen to custom music tracks within races as well as enjoy better camera angles for crashes and better vehicle damage.

Though a lot of you are hoping for a cockpit view of the road, you’ll be disappointed, as that does not seem to be an option within the game. However, you will get to race across tracks that feature locations within the jungle, caves, mountain hillsides and volcano craters which include lava.

These are all new features for the franchise that will join the list of other features already released such as split-screen racing. As more information is presented around MotorStorm 2, we’ll keep you covered.