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New Documentary Dives Deep On The People Trying To Keep PlayStation Home Alive


A brand new documentary from IGN, as a part of their IGN Inside Stories program, has shed some light on the community of users who are trying to resurrect PlayStation Home, six years after its death.

The documentary focuses on the non-profit project ‘Destination Home’ aims to revive the experience for players’ enjoyment and also for game preservation. The organisation began the process by combing through their PS3s for all the files they could find about the experience. The goal was to reverse-engineer that code. Someone has even recreated the experience in places with Media Molecule‘s Dreams.

Overall, it is a great documentary that shows an audience and group of people that are helping preserve one of PlayStation’s most unique experiences, which brought people together into a universe years before Fortnite was even announced.

You can watch the documentary from IGN below:

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Source – [IGN]