New Final Fantasy MMO still undecided

Since World of Warcraft took gamers by storm, it has now becoming a developing trend in the industry to at least consider producing an MMO. One company, Square-Enix however, is no stranger to the market after achieving success with Final Fantasy XI, which was a MMO that was featured on both the PC, and consoles.

Speaking of Final Fantasy XI, at a recent festival celebrating the game, Square Enix VP, Hiromichi Tanaka, revealed a bit of info regarding the latest Square-Enix MMO project.

“As you might already know, members from the current FFXI team are working on a next generation MMO, but it still hasn’t been decided whether that’s going to be a game in the FF series, a continuation, or a totally new game. We are working on it, but it hasn’t been decided that far yet.”

So yes, it is confirmed that Square-Enix is creating another MMO, however, it still yet to be confirmed if this title will take place in the Final Fantasy universe, or will it be a new stand alone IP. We will keep you updated on the details.

Source: Kotaku