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New Forspoken Details Reveal How Combat Marries Spellcasting And Parkour Thrills

Fresh details on Forspoken have been sprinkled over the PlayStation Blog today, revealing details on how the game’s combat systems employs a combination of magic-fused parkour with powerful spelling casting.

Magic is split into two strands, namely Support and Attack. Players will use the DualSense controller’s L2 trigger to activate the former, while R2 works the latter. Spells have a different cooldown period and require different inputs to cash, whether that be tapping or charging the trigger.

Meanwhile, L1 and R2 pressed simultaneously will launch a circular menu where you can select your current magic. Pressing them individually will bring up a menu for Support or Attack, where you can then choose your type with the analogue stick.

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Frequent switching is recommended and necessary, as each spell is tailored to best tackle a certain enemy number or kind. Changing up loadouts is also a good way to find powerfully complimentary spells. An early favorite is Sila’s Crucible (Support) and Rage Slice (Attack).

The first is a castable firewall that encircles Frey. Any enemies wandering into it burn, but it also buffs her attack power when combating any foes within the enclosure. Rage Slice is a melee combo whose finisher sends enemies flying backwards – right into the flames.

Meanwhile, you’ll be informed via text pop up during attacks if an enemy is resistant to certain types of spells. However, hitting Up in the D-pad will activate your Cuff, which zooms in on any enemy within your scan radius, revealing key details. Meanwhile, players will discover Refuges in the open-world, which are small huts that offer respite from nearby dangers.

There’s heaps more details available on the PlayStation Blog post, so check it out here.

Forspoken will be released for PS5 and PC on January 24, 2023.

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