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New Friday The 13th Game Is In Production, Confirms Horror Composer Harry Manfredini

A new Friday the 13th video game is currently in development with horror composer Harry Manfredini, which is separate from the asymmetrical multiplayer title from Gun Media released in 2017.

Speaking with Rely on Horror, Manfredini confirmed that the new Friday the 13th game is in development at a different studio and will include “more realistic looking” characters. Furthermore, it will be done in a different style to Gun Media’s offering.

Manfredini wasn’t able to share any further details on the new Friday the 13th game, so we’ll just have to wait until an official announcements comes knocking.

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The fact Manfredini confirmed the game will be a different style to the current game is encouraging, as hopefully it’ll mean it won’t be another multiplayer title. Perhaps we’ll get a single-player survival horror title, where you are stalked by Jason? There’s definitely a lot of possibilities.

[Source – Rely on Horror]