New Friday the 13th single-player mode details revealed

friday the 13th single player mode

Gun Media has confirmed that the upcoming Friday the 13th: The Game single-player mode will not feature a narrative-driven experience.

Speaking in an update on the official game page for Friday the 13th, the studio revealed more details on how the single-player aspect of the teen-killing actioner will function, confirming a story will not be part of the package.

Instead, players will be presented with a series of challenges that pluck influence from IO Interactive’s critically acclaimed Hitman. Here, gamers will be placed in the lumbering shoes of Jason Voorhees himself, as he hunts down counselors who are currently unaware of his presence.

However, the challenges require players to perform certain tasks, such as dispatching a certain character first or killing them with a specific weapon or in a certain way. 

Gun Media explained that the reason for eschewing a story for the single-player mode comes down to the fact the Friday the 13th movies were never really known for their narrative. 

The studio explained it was pretty much about “Jason, victims, awesome kills and the occasional boob,” and as such this is the direction they have taken with the game.

In addition to the Challenges feature, the single-player component will also include additional content that will be rolled out in the coming months. Players will able to take part alongside bots offline, where they can sharpen their skills as Jason while competing against AI-controlled opponents. 

Virtual Cabin 2.0 is also in the pipeline, and will be an improved version of the original Virtual Cabin, which allows gamers to explore various locations like an interactive museum, checking out various game assets, puzzles, Easter Eggs, and film references.

The Friday the 13th single-player mode will be made available in winter 2017, so stay tuned for further details.