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New gameplay footage for Friday The 13th: The Game is savage

New gameplay footage for the Kickstarter-funded Friday The 13th: The Game has emerged, showcasing protaganist Jason Voorhees as he stalks his prey through the dark woods.

The video certainly isn’t for the feint-hearted as the killer uses his warp ability to sneak up on victims and dispatch them in a variety of brutal ways. You have been warned!



In an exclusive Friday The 13th interview with PlayStation Universe last year, co-creator Ronnie Hobbs explained that "Jason is the ultimate killing force, but he won’t be so strong that he can kill everyone in two minutes.”

He’ll have different weapons that can inflict killing blows, just like any melee game. Jason can also grab you, and can initiate various grab kills, such as a back-breaker, a head smash or an eye gouge."

Judging by the new video, we certainly don’t think we’ll be hiding under the bed!