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New Job Listings From id Software Is Looking For People To Work On “Long-Running Iconic Action FPS”

id Software is full steam ahead on whatever their next project is now that DOOM: Eternal along with its DLC is seemingly behind them, and a slew of job postings on Zenimax’s website indicate they’re looking to ramp up development.

The listings were pointed out by website IGN, and what’s most interesting besides the content of the job descriptions is just how many positions are being hired for. It’s clear that they’re looking to fill any team vacancies they have to keep development moving.

Potential indications on what exactly this new project could be though can be found within job descriptions, like one for a game designer role, which is looking for “Talented game designer to come help us make industry-leading weapons, AI, progression systems, player mechanics, and game modes for AAA first-person action games.”

Another listing for an environment concept artist shed even more light on what it could be, saying “Seeking an experienced environment concept artist to join our Dallas team in the development of a long-running iconic action FPS. Applicants will be responsible for the visualization and conceptualization of AAA-quality sci-fi and fantasy environments, architecture, and props.”

Now the unfortunate thing that ought to be pointed out is that this could be Doom or Quake, since they would both fall in that category of being long-running iconic FPS franchises, and though Doom has enjoyed quite the renaissance since DOOM 2016, it wouldn’t be too surprising to see Quake make a similar kind of comeback.

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