New Monster Hunter bundle coming to Japan

Love Monster Hunter 2? Then this PSP bundle pack was designed for you. Only one problem, it’s currently available in Japan only. There is no indication if it will find its way over to North America or Europe, but we’re hoping it will. It seems unlikely though as the first time around, this bundle pack wasn’t made available everywhere.

They’re currently going to be retailing for roughly USD 230. It’s set to release in Japan on March 27 of this year.

The bundle is similar to the new Daxter/Star Wars bundles as in it comes with the game mentioned, as well as a new version of the PSP slim. This taupe-colored model has a sleek design on the back; however, the front isn’t as appealing. We’re guessing that this new version is meant for all Starbucks fans or coffee-drinking enthusiasts alike.

Source: Kotaku