New Online Casinos: What to Expect

The online casino industry is experiencing a momentous period. While land-based casinos declined sharply in the past two years, the online sector hasn’t acknowledged the crisis. Faster mobile internet, better smartphones, and more affordable computers have prepared the soil. Now, the field is thriving. Online casinos can be enjoyed anywhere, on almost every smartphone and mobile device. What can new online casinos bring to players? Keep reading and find out.

Road to the Future

There are thousands of online casinos worldwide, creating a fiercely competitive market. Every new technology is incorporated into the entertainment industry as soon as possible, keeping gamblers engaged. Yet, better graphics and playability aren’t the only things the new generation of online casinos promises to us. Here are some new technologies. Not all of them are game-related but enhance the overall gambling experience.


Remember that day when a guy bought two pizzas for 10,000 BTC? Cryptocurrencies are living a completely different moment now. A single Bitcoin unit is worth above 45,000 dollars at time of writing, and many other cryptos are in the market. Crypto casinos are now quite easy to find, and some new ones work on a crypto-only basis. Cryptos are safe, anonymous, allowing for much cheaper and quicker transactions.

More Mobile Options

Mobile devices are taking over the online gambling industry. About a quarter of all iOS downloads, and 21% of Android downloads, correspond to games. One can choose the best online casino at the Estonian comparison portal Mobile devices can already run 3D games and support VR headsets.


Cryptocurrencies didn’t rise to stardom alone. It has also introduced blockchain, and later, NFTs, to the world. Blockchain functions as a public ledger, and it’s incredibly useful for many industries, from the food supply chain to heavy machinery. In the gaming industry, blockchain helps create decentralised gambling platforms. Additionally, it supports operations with cryptos and NFTs.


The abbreviation stands for a non-fungible token, which means these tokens aren’t replicable. Gamers have been familiar with this concept for a while, trading in-game items with their colleagues. Yet, NFTs bring the concept to a whole new level, providing incontrovertible proof of ownership. Casinos are operating with NFTs already, and also some NFT-based casino games.

Big Data and AI

Big data can be roughly described as your online footsteps. People you follow, pages you visit, content that you like and share. All this information can amount to a detailed profile of each player. Companies like Spotify and Netflix already use these technologies. There, they suggest and promote new content with the help of a powerful AI.

Quicker Registration Process

Everybody trying to register on any online casino for the first time knows about KYC. It stands for Know Your Customer, and it’s a protocol to determine a player’s identity. In the worst cases, this process can take a few days. Products like Pay’n Play from Trustly speed up the process without giving up safety. Such options are likely to gain more followers since they are convenient for all parties involved.

VR, AR, and XR

Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming more popular by the day. Indeed, both ideas are converging into an “extended reality” (XR). VR headsets used to be only for gamers and used to cost a lot. Yet, the reality is changing.

While companies like Meta, Apple, and Google try to dominate the market, players can enjoy better technology and lower prices. AR doesn’t require special glasses and uses the smartphone camera for adding the game to its background. XR glasses are the latest word in smart glasses. They use both VR and AR technologies and can create even more immersive experiences with special controllers.

Video Games and Esports

Video games and esports are the latest weapons to attract younger audiences to the online gambling world. It’s already possible to find several betting lines for esports in sportsbooks. Consoles like Xbox and PlayStation can support top-notch online casino platforms. Still, video games are bringing more Millennials and Gen Zers, who weren’t interested in games of sheer luck, like slots, bingo, or lottery.

More Skill-Based Games

Slots are maybe the most popular casino games online or land-based. Yet, Millennials and Gen Zers don’t give much attention to its classic forms. That’s why new skill-based slots are hitting the market, including features like hand-eye coordination.

The Next Rounds


All trends pointed out in this article already are reshaping the online gambling world in one way or another. The gambling experience is getting more realistic than ever before. Meanwhile, technologies like cryptos and blockchain allow more safety and freedom. The speed at which such changes will come depends largely on how quickly 5G coverage will expand. This expansion will fuel the competition between online casinos and also between gaming devices.