New PlayStation Home space revealed

Sony has unveiled the first details and screenshots of an all-new ‘Cafe’ space for PlayStation Home.

As it stands there isn’t all that much to see, although a Sony rep was quick to remind users that the service is currently still in a beta phase, with the café set to evolve over time.

“As with all things in Home, the cafe evolves over time. Remember, we’re in BETA,” said the rep.

“It is a public space, for everyone’s enjoyment. Give it a spin, give us feedback, and watch it grow. We encourage you to actively participate in this BETA version of Home.”

“While specific events will be hosted in the Cafe, in the end it will be used for all the same purposes every other space in Home is – socializing with other PS3 users. That’s what Home is about. But that’s not to say that we can’t turn it into something different if that is what the community calls for. Ah, the joys of being in BETA…”

Check out some shots below and see our gallery here for the full set.