New PS4 error code reported: E-82E0001D

PS3 news has today reported on a new PlayStation 4 error code, E-82E0001D. The code is stated to affect a user if they have been banned from the PlayStation Network.

E-82E0001D was confirmed by gamers on the PlayStation Blog, where one user commented on their ban, stating:

"I got no mail, I was banned on ps3 too, so maybe because of that, but it was 8 months ago and because of modding. I called and they were no help, they just said that this ban is permanent and because of a TOS violation."

If you have experienced the code it seems the best advice is to contact Sony for an explanation. Stay tuned to PSU for more information as it becomes available.

Have you experienced error code E-82E0001D ? Let us know in the comments below.