New Rainbow Six Vegas 2 details

The latest issue of GamePro magazine has some spicy new tidbits on Rainbow Six: Vegas 2, sequel to one of last year’s hottest shooters for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

The March issue of the magazine has a ten-page story on the game, including several screenshots, a two-page spread with detailed information on the games eleven new guns, and a comparison of the game vs. Call of Duty 4.

In the article some new information has come to light, along with confirmation of a March release for next-gen consoles, as well as a PC version hitting the same time.

From a quick glance, it seems that Ubisoft has taken a long hard look at what really works in a shooter (cough, cough, everything in Call of Duty 4) and has decided to pick and choose what to add to this latest instalment, in addition to a few of their own. While this may seem a tad unoriginal, some of the new additions won’t do anything but make the Rainbox Six series better.

-The first, and most obvious new addition is the Sprint button. For a tactical shooter, this new gameplay element will give the game a better sense of speed. Like the sprint in Call of Duty, the duration of your sprint is limited to a couple of seconds, but that may be all you need to get clear of that grenade.

-There are eleven new weapons throughout the game, including new rifles, sniper rifles, and shotguns. Every handgun in the game has increased firing rate, and the Walther P99 pistol will make its debut.

-Bullet penetration has been added, with more destructible environments, all with realistic elements. Think you’re safe behind that table when the grenade goes off? Think again!

-Although Rainbow Six was one of the first shooters to have the leveling system to unlock gear and guns, Vegas 2 will take it one step further. There are three classes, Assault, Close Quarters, and Marksmanship, that you can level up to enhance your gameplay in those fields. You unlock new levels in each class by achieving certain goals, such as headshots with sniper rifles or using flashbangs effectively.

The experience gains aren’t going away, however. You will still earn XP in multiplayer by fragging opponents or capturing objectives. This XP will unlock online ranks, armor options, and visual customizations.

-Speaking of online play, Vegas 2 has taken a large step past Call of Duty 4 and combined the players online and offline personas. The player’s accomplishments in the offline campaign will directly impact their online play, and the other way around. There has been no word yet as to what, specifically, these accomplishments will be nor what they give you online.

-There are two new online multiplayer modes, Team Leader, in which you must kill the opposing teams leader while transporting your own to an extraction point, and Total Conquest, where your team must capture three objective points for a set amount of time. Online load times have been decreased and graphics have been bumped up for online play.

-The game will feature full campaign online coop for two players with drop in, drop out play. The online campaign is completely identical to the offline story mode, and will revolve around Bishop and Knight, two operatives who are thrust in charge after Logan goes MIA.

-Enemy AI will be better equipped and much smarter than before. They will be able to have specialized gear, complete with ballistic shields. Some of the elite baddies will be as skilled and geared as Team Rainbow.

From the looks of things, Rainbox Six: Vegas 2 is looking to be the next big shooter, the one most likely to pull you from Call of Duty. The game hits stores this March, so there will be plenty more information in the coming weeks, so check back for more!

Source: GamePro