New Resident Evil 7 details confirm references to old Resident Evil characters

Fan website Biohazard France (via NeoGAF) has posted a fresh batch of Resident Evil 7: biohazard details for your consumption following some hands-on time with the upcoming survival horror title.

New Resident Evil 7 details hint at returning characters

First up, the site confirms that the recent preview build of the game that journalists got their hands on (sadly, we weren’t so lucky) took place in Chapter 3 of the game, and that we’ve seen nothing beyond this point so far. As you may recall, this section of the game sees Ethan stalked by members of the Baker family throughout their sprawling plantation mansion .

Most interesting however is the mention of two previous characters; Resident Evil: Outbreak’s Alyssa Ashcroft and Resident Evil Revelation’s Clive O’ Brian, who penned in-game files in the shape of a newspaper article and document, respectively. Whether or not this is the only mention to past characters remains to be seen, but we hope there’s more. 



Other files in the game mention several strange incidents in the Dulvey area, notably a church, hospital, and a sunken boat out in the swamps nearby. Checkpoints are confirmed to be in the game, but isn’t known if they are tied to what difficulty setting you pick.

Elsewhere, the site confirms that the upgrade cages, which allow you to increase stats such as health and ammo count, are located in a trailer outside the mansion. Furthermore, this trailer will travel around as you progress through the game. Keeping in with the theme of upgrades, players can find a backpack that increases your inventory slots to a total of 16. 

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The Shotgun is available in the game as previously confirmed, although Biohazard France confirms that you must solve an optional puzzle in order to acquire the fan-favorite weapon. Screenshots released show that the weapon is clutched by a statue, so presumably you’re going to have to find a way to pry it away from its stone guardian. 

Finally, lockpicks can be utilised to open lockers and drawers that cough up extra ammo and healing items, while players can also repair items and find maps pointing to the location of hidden treasures. 

Resident Evil 7 is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on January 24, 2017. Players can download the Resident Evil 7 demo from the PlayStation Store now, with has been updated with its second and final patch known as ‘Midnight’ version.