New Silent Hill game backed by series composer

new silent hill game

Videogame composer Akira Yamaoka has said that he’s keen on seeing a new Silent Hill game developed, but wasn’t sure if he’d be involved in the project.

Speaking with PCGamer at Gamescom last week, Yamaoka-san, who composed music for all the major entries in the psychological horror franchise, also refused to rule out a possible reformation of Team Silent, but wasn’t sure if they’d be able to replicate the same success as the previous games. 

I can’t really say if there will be another Silent Hill or not,” he said. “First of all, I’m happy that fans of the series around the world are still asking us questions about it. Personally, of course, I’d love this to happen, but I obviously couldn’t say for sure [either way].

I’m not against it [Team Silent reforming]. But it’s hard to say because everyone has evolved, and maybe the mindset has changed as well. Also the technology and the games industry as a whole has changed as well. Even if we got back together I’m not even sure we could do something great so it’s very hard to say at the moment.”

Silent Hill launched in 1999 for the original PlayStation and spawned a number of successful sequels, including 2001’s Silent Hill 2 and 2003’s Silent Hill 3. 

However, following the experimental Silent Hill 4: The Room a year later, Team Silent disbanded, and Konami outsourced development of subsequent titles to western studios, with mixed results.

The last major entry in the franchise came five years ago with Silent Hill Downpour for PS3, PC, and Xbox 360. A planned reboot helmed by Hideo Kojima, Silent Hills, was in production for current-generation hardware but was sadly scrapped in 2015. 

Konami has not yet confirmed whether or not there will be a new Silent Hill game, although as fans of the series, we at PSU certainly hope we haven’t seen the last of the franchise.