New Smite patch released, dev teases biggest event yet in Escape From the Underworld

Hi-Rez Studios has published details on the next patch for its multiplayer-centric battle arena romp, Smite.

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Available to download now, the latest patch offers a boatload of new additions to the third-person brawler, which we’ve detailed below for your viewing pleasure.

  • New god: Skadi, the Norse Goddess of Winter. She’s the first pet class we’ve ever had in SMITE. She sends her pet Kaldr out to battle… and she’s pretty cool.
  • SMITE is now available in 60FPS (double our past 30 FPS). It’s an opt-in feature currently while we’re testing it, but it’s been working pretty flawlessly from what we can tell. To enable it, you go to Options > User Interface > Enable Upcoming Features and turn to On. This will likely become the default mode in our next patch.
  • Ranked Play is now live. This is something the competitive community has been asking for, and now they can know where they stand on the ladder. We have ranked for Conquest (5v5), Joust (3v3), and Duel (1v1).
  • Special event: Double XP and Worshippers through April 25. XP is used to level up your account, and Worshippers are used to Master Gods. You have to have a level 30 account and a certain number of Gods mastered (differs by mode) to play ranked, so this should help more players clear that hurdle and start playing ranked.
  • We’ve turned on Account Linking and Copying! PC Players can now copy (almost) over everything they’ve earned/unlocked to their PS4 account. It should make the game a lot more exciting to see all the skins and hear all the voicepacks a lot more often. 
  • God selection is now done via a grid, rather than a long list. It’s a quality of life improvement that makes it easier to find the God you’re looking for.

In addition, Hi-Rez also teased a few details on the next patch for Smite, which includes a new event in the shape of Escape From the Underworld. Here, players can slug it out in a revamped Arena and enjoy a new bonus round in the biggest event for Smite to date. 

Stay tuned to PSU for more details.