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New Sony Patent Reveals Controller Than Can Change Temperature During Gameplay

A patent application for a controller that has the ability to change temperature during gameplay has been filed by Sony Interactive Entertainment.

Named simply ‘Controller,’ the patent was spotted by Exputer and suggest that the peripheral in question could be made of softer material as opposed to the hard plastic used in modern controllers. The description in the patent reads as follows:

A controller includes a sensor that uses an elastically deformable elastic member, detects user’s contact with or deforming action of the elastic member, and outputs an electric signal based on the detected contact or deforming action in question.

It adds that “a temperature control apparatus such as a Peltier element capable of electrically changing temperature may be provided on the front surface of, or inside the elastic matter.” This means that if a player enters a hot or cold area during a game, the pad would adjust its temperature accordingly via an electrical signal received.

However, don’t assume this means that PS6’s controller will change temperature as you play. Hardware manufacturers like Sony file patents all the time, but it doesn’t mean they’re working on something guaranteed to be implemented in future platforms.

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The PS5 controller, DualSense, features a number of innovative features not seen in previous PlayStation hardware, including adaptive triggers and haptic feedback.

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