New videos reveal the English voiceovers of Crisis Core

Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII has been available in Japan for quite some time now, and is steadily approaching its North American release on March 25. While we’ve seen both CGI and real time videos for the title before, we’ve had yet to hear a drop of English emanate from Zack’s or Sephiroth’s lips.

That’s all changed now, as two new videos of the North American version have hit the web. The first, titled ‘Heading In,’ portrays Sephiroth discussing his past. See it below:

The second video, dubbed ‘MIA,’ sees Zack and Lazard discussing a soldier that’s gone missing in action. Check it out below:


We’re not completely convinced, but we think Square Enix is off to a good start. Crisis Core will be available in North America on March 25.