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New Wild Hearts PS5 Gameplay Unveils The Golden Tempest

Omega Force has lifted the wraps off a new look at Wild Hearts on PS5, revealing gameplay footage of the Golden Tempest, one of the more fearsome beasts that you’ll be facing in the title.

Kemono are the embodiment of the power of nature. One such beast is the Aragane, or Golden Tempest. Harnessing the unrelenting power of the wind, this lightning-fast Kemono is not to be taken lightly. Watch new WILD HEARTSâ„¢ gameplay footage captured on the PS5 and get an in-depth look at how it will use the power of nature against you and your fellow hunters, as well as possible attacks and weapons you might use to defeat it.

Check out the Wild Hearts PS5 gameplay below.

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Masterminded by the same team responsible for the Dynasty Warriors franchise, Wild Hearts takes place in a fantasy feudal Japan setting, where you’ll square off with giant nature-infused creatures known as Kimono. You’re not completely helpless though, as you will receive help from a ‘sophisticated mechanisms’ called Karakuri, forged from ancient technology.

Wild Heats is scheduled for release on PS5, PC and Xbox Series X/S on February 17, 2023.