New Yakuza Ishin trailer proves it’s the first epic Japanese blockbuster on PS4

If its gorgeous screenshots aren’t enough convince Yakuza: Ishin (also known as Yakuza Restoration) is one title Sega would be foolish not to share with the rest of the world, the latest PlayStation 4 trailer for the game certainly should.

Even the beginning’s plentiful shots of characters turning and staring in the distance look pretty. Thankfully the trailer transitions to some intense samurai action set to the song "Clock Strikes" by the Linkin Park-sounding Japanese rock band One Ok Rock. Be sure to stick around til the end of the trailer for dozens of squealing robots.

Yakuza Ishin is set to release in less than 24 hours as a PS4 launch title in Japan. The game is a spin-off of the open-world Yakuza series and places the franchise’s characters in feudal-era Japan. As of now, Ishin has not been confirmed for release outside of Japan and neither has the last main entry, Yakuza 5. Perhaps Ishin will have a better chance of localization due to it being a standalone spin-off.