Ni No Kuni Limited Edition announced

Namco Bandai’s lifted the curtains on a swanky Wizard’s Edition release of PlayStation 3-exclusive RPG Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch.

Due out alongside the standard release in January 2013, the Wizard’s Edition will feature a physical copy of the 300+ page Wizard’s Companion spellbook that protagonist Oliver makes use of in the actual game.

This handy hardback packs a full bestiary of all the creatures players will encounter in the world of Ni No Kuni, plus descriptions on items, spells and more.

The Wizard’s Edition also throws in a plush doll of Oliver’s guide Drippy plus exclusive golden mite and golden drongo DLC familiars.

Developed by Level-5, Ni No Kuni: The Wrath of the White Witch follows Oliver, a 13-year-old lad who travels to the parallel world of Ni No Kuni in an attempt to locate his recently-deceased mother. Here, he battles against various creatures using a magical book given to him by his fairy guide Drippy, and befriends alternate versions of individuals he is acquainted with in his home town of Motorville.

The game was originally launched on the Nintendo 3DS back in 2010, though the PS3 version features new content and marks the first time the game will see a release in the west.