Ni No Kuni: Wrath Of The White Witch – Riddle Answers

 In Ni No Kuni, you’ll stumble upon a ghost named Horace who will task you with solviing a riddle. Get the answers right and you’ll receive a unique spell.

Below you’ll find the full list of riddle solutions…

Riddle 1

Location: Ding Dong Dell – Castle Entrance
Riddle Solution: Cast "Spirit Medium" spell
Reward: Makes more riddles available.

Riddle 2

Location: Al Mamoon – Fountain Square
Riddle Solution: "Dragon Of The West"
Reward: Draw Poison spell

Riddle 3

Location: Castaway Cove – Dock Bridge
Riddle Solution: "Finest Fiber"
Reward: Vacate spell

Riddle 4

Location: Fairygrounds – Fairy Godmother Path
Riddle Solution: "Crispy Lettuce"
Reward: Sage’s Secret Alchemy Formula
Riddle 5

Location: Hamelin – Hootique Balcony

Riddle Solution: 5
Reward: Chart Chests spell