NieR Automata PS4 Pro support confirmed, runs at 60fps

Square Enix has announced that the upcoming NieR: Automata will support Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro console.

NieR PS4 Pro extras detailed

While the PS4 Pro version of the game won’t render the upcoming actioner in 4K resolution, it will boast a number of enhanced visual effects that owners of Sony’s high-end system can take advantage of over the standard edition. Chiefly, players can expect a native 1080p resolution (the standard PS4 version renders at 900p by comparison), while both editions of the game will run at a silky-smooth 60fps.

That’s not all however. PS4 Pro gamers will be able to enjoy improved lightning effects, higher resolution shadows, motion blur, god rays, and other enhanced visual treats. You can see for yourself just how much better NieR looks on PS4 Pro via the comparison images below.

NieR is scheduled for release on PlayStation 4 and PC in North America on March 7 and in Europe on March 10.