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Nightdive Studios Says System Shock Remake’s Console Versions Still “Need A Few Rounds Of QA”

Nightdive Studio’s remake of the classic System Shock only just released on PC to high critic and user reviews, and though it is coming to consoles sometime in the near future, Nightdive’s latest update clarifies that they still need more time.

In its latest Kickstarter post, Nightdive provides patch notes for the PC version, along with an update on the console and other versions of System Shock.

“Console versions are running smoothly but need a few rounds of QA support before we move to certification.” the studio says.

The PC version of the game is reportedly running well, so hopefully it’s not too much longer before the console version is ready to go.

System Shock is a foundational FPS that inspired the likes of Bioshock and countless other games since its original release back in 1994.

In a sea of games being remade, it’s the kind of remake that perhaps more than others really deserves it, simply due to how the industry has been influenced by it since, and it’s great to know that it’ll be playable in this new version for decades to come.

Source – [Nightdive Studios]