Ninja Gaiden II left Team Ninja ‘unsatisfied’

Team Ninja’s revealed it started cobbling together a third entry in the Ninja Gaiden franchise almost immediately after churning out Ninja Gaiden II, admitting the celebrated studio felt unsatisfied with the second slash ‘em up.

That’s according to studio head Yosuke Hayashi, who was responding to questions raised by the folks at OXM (via CVG) as to whether the team had ever been approached with the prospect of doing something other than Ninja Gaiden.

"I’m not sure actually since, for example, after Ninja Gaiden 2 we were immediately unsatisfied and so we began working on Ninja Gaiden 3," said Hayashi.

However, he went on to hint that the studio might shy away from the blood-splattering series later down the line should Ninja Gaiden 3 deliver the goods.

"We wanted to challenge it straight away – the key members of the team saw many areas that we thought we would be able to improve and… well, we’re going to find out!"

"With Ninja Gaiden 3 we’ll see: maybe this one will be so good we won’t feel the need to make another,” added Hayashi.