Ninja Gaiden Sigma

Tecmo has given word that the Ninja Gaiden series will indeed make it to the PS3 as Ninja Gaiden Sigma. This will include the full versions of the third person action games Ninja Gaiden and Ninja Gaiden Black for the original Xbox. These two games were both given great reviews when they were first released.

In the original Ninja Gaiden for the Xbox, the storyline was about a ninja named Ryu Hayabusa whose clan was brutally killed by the Vigor Empire, and he is out seeking revenge. Ryu is not only the main character of the game but he’s probably the coolest ninja I’ve ever played as. Basically take everything you’ve seen in a ninja game; Ryu can and will do it, and then some. The vigor empire had also stolen the Dar Dragon Blade and it is Ryu’s job to get it back. When progressing through the game Ryu can run up and along walls to either get a better advantage on the enemy or reach places that would be normally hard to get at.

During your quest you will have many different weapons that you can find and many different items to pick up along the way. These items include orbs you pick up that give your character money to buy upgrades for your weapons and health to help you survive and keep playing. Also, there are hidden golden scarabs that unlock other items like weapons for your character to use.

What most gamers do not realize is that Ninja Gaiden Black isn’t a sequel to Ninja Gaiden at all. It is actually the original Xbox version with material from the two downloadable Xbox Live Hurricane Pack expansions. In these downloadable packs they had expansions such as extra levels and a mission mode. This is the new version’s main selling point as it focused more on combat than anything else. This version of the game took everything the original game had done and perfected it giving it an extra high replay value.

Since these are simply remade versions of the past games fans of the series will notice many of the same characters such as Rachel and all of the original bosses. Team Ninja has slightly altered the bosses to give returning fans something new to look forward to and give them an entirely new challenge.

Team Ninja has developed entirely new sequences for the game as well. This version is supposed to be a more complete. Sigma will include many new features such as new moves, actions, and even weapons. Ryu is even seen wielding two blades simultaneously. These new features and almost everything else in the game, such as character visuals and the surrounding environment are supposed to take advantage of the PS3’s capabilities.

Rumor Mill: Rachel will also be available as a playable character in certain areas.