Nintendo: PS3 outsold 360 in 2008

In what surely must be the height of commercial cheekiness, Nintendo has opted to publish both its own and rival hardware sales figures for Europe in 2008. The Wii, you’ll be astonished to hear, has triumphed in the home format arena with around 10.4 million units sold, while its clamshell colleague the DS put paid to the PlayStation Portable.

Of more interest to PSU readers will be the relative standings of PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. According to Nintendo, the former has stomped all over the latter so far this year, with only Microsoft’s recent price slash prodding the pasty meltdown machine into the lead in October.

Sales peaks for the Nintendo consoles came in April, with the Wii selling 180,000 units as against 90,000 apiece from its high definition competitors, and July, when the DS sold 225,000 units to the PSP’s 50,000. There’s still the Christmas season to come, of course, but much as we love our PS3s and PSPs we doubt they’ll be stealing a late victory over the big N.

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