Nioh demo available again this weekend, trailer included

Nioh is releasing in three weeks on the PlayStation 4, and the team behind the title has decided that another demo will be made available.

The trial will be playable this weekend, January 21-22, and will show a little more than what was available at PSX in December. Players can download the trial now from the PlayStation Store and get it pre-loaded so that when the even unlocks, they can just jump right in.

What is the point of playing another trial version of the game? Well this time, if you make it through the entire demo, you will receive a few extra goodies for the final game when it releases. Completing the following missions will give you these items:

  • Main Mission – Ogress Headgear
  • Twilight Mission – Mark of the Conqueror & Mark of the Strong

If you complete the missions, do not delete the save data, as that will be needed to redeem the items in the final game. Players will also be prompted to download DLC if they have completed the missions. Once that is all done, simply visit shrines in-game to receive the items.

Nioh is releasing on February 9, 2017.