Nioh sales hit impressive milestone in two weeks


Nioh sales top one million

Team Ninja’s acclaimed PlayStation 4-exclusive action-RPG, Nioh, has drummed up over one million sales worldwide in a little over two weeks since launch.

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According to publisher Tecmo Koei, the figure represents both physical and digital copies of the game sold. To celebrate the milestone, its developer has given away a free piece of content in the shape of the Golden Nioh Armor, which will be made available as part of this week’s Nioh update 1.04.

Nioh has been a long time coming, having originally been announced back in 2004 under its working title, Oni. The title was initially pencilled in for a 2006 launch, and was showcased at E3 in 2005 as a PS3-exclusive actioner under the new title of Ni-Oh. However, its original launch window passed, and it wasn’t until 2009 that Koei re-confirmed the title as in development, although this is about as much as we heard over then next few years until its reintroduction at the Tokyo Game Show 2015 as Nioh, now exclusive to the PS4.

Set in the year 1600, Nioh takes place in a fictionalised, dark fantasy-themed version of the Sengoku period. Players control Irishman William, who arrives on Japanese shores in pursuit of a deadly opponent, where he crosses paths with ninja warriors Tokugawa and Hattori, who have him trained up and form an alliance to take down both his enemy and deal with Japan’s Yokai infestation. 

Source: Gematsu