Nioh update 1.05 released to resolve 1.04 issues


Team Ninja has recently released another patch (v1.05) on the PlayStation 4. The team recently released patch 1.04 a few days ago, however the update caused a pretty big application error that needed to be resolved.

Nioh was released earlier this month and is an action RPG that is set in 1600 Japan. Players take the role of William, who happens to be a European samurai, as you attempt to survive the demon-plagued land. Known as Yokai, the demons encompass different areas and lie and wait in the shadows to ambush their victims.

If you’re still on the fence about picking up the game, then you can read our Nioh review. For those who have purchased the title, you can check out some of our guides such as how to find the secret entrance in the Spider Nest mission or basic tips and tricks.