No longer working: PS Vita’s compatible PSP, PS1 games back from ‘virtually all’ to usual selection

Early this week, the PlayStation nation was pleasantly surprised to discover that virtually all digital PSP and PS1 games had been made compatible with and downloadable on PS Vita–a great boon, considering the fairly limited selection of compatible titles PS Vita normally has. To our not-so-pleasant surprise, the download fun has ended: this widening of selection appears to have been a glitch, as many of these games are no longer downloadable.

NeoGAF user DyslexicAlucard (heh) was the first one on the popular message board to notice, and the revelations continue from there. It’s unclear how so many games were made compatible with PS Vita in one fell swoop; was Sony gauging consumer interest in certain PS1 titles? Was this really a system glitch or accidental activation? Is this new compatibility an E3 announcement launched too soon?

Whatever the case, keep an eye on PSU for updates to this story: you won’t want to miss your next opportunity to put the classics you want on PS Vita.