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No Man’s Sky Developer Announces New Project, Light No Fire At The Game Awards

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has announced their next coming project, Light No Fire during The Game Awards 2023.

A new survival exploration game that instead of focusing on the stars, asks you to look towards the ground of a single, gigantic fantastical version of Earth, where players will explore a hugely detailed and sprawling planet.

Hello Games also celebrated the 10 year anniversary of the studio revealing No Man’s Sky, back when it had only previously done two arcade motorcycle games, Joe Danger.

This time around, its announcing a new version of the kind of game it has spent a decade perfecting, and even though players have reason to be weary of anything Hello Games might promise, it’s coming from a much stronger place this time.

We don’t know what platforms it’ll be available on right when it launches, or even have a release window for when to expect it, but we do have a pretty exciting looking announcement trailer.

You can check out the trailer for yourself, here.

Source – [Hello Games]