No more 30fps for EA PS3 titles, says Moore

Many consumers were angered upon the discovery that the PlayStation 3 version of Electronic Arts’ Madden 08 ran at a reduced 30fps, despite its Xbox 360 counterpart running at a full 60fps.

However, former Xbox boss Peter Moore has now declared that these issues will soon be rectified, pretty much eliminating far-fetched rumors of how he purposely tried to sabotage EA’s PS3 titles. Moore, now head of EA Sports, commented that starting with NBA Live 08, all EA sports titles will be guaranteed to run at 60 frames a second on the PS3 (including the previously 30fps-announced NHL 08)

Answering in regards to the reason why the PS3 version suffered from such limitations, Moore made it clear developers have simply not had enough time with PS3 development kits.

"I see it [the issue] going away with NBA Live 08. I think that we had a little bit of a mea culpa, but we’re getting up to speed on the platform. But that’s in the past. And beginning with NBA, we’re going to see PS3 titles from EA Sports running at 60 frames a second. So all of that’ll be forgotten by the holiday”, said Moore.

We at PSU can only hope that Moore’s words will ring true come this holiday season.