Moon Studios News No Rest For The Wicked PS5 The Game Awards 2023

No Rest For The Wicked Is A New Action-RPG From Moon Studios

Moon Studios used The Game Awards 2023 to introduce a brand new action-RPG known as No Rest for the Wicked.

You can check out the trailer below.

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Moon Studios’ Co-Founder and Creative Director, Thomas Mahler, commented:

We have been dreaming of being able to contribute to the [action RPG] genre that we all grew up with and love. After the success of Ori, it was clear to us that Moon was now mature enough to finally realize those dreams. We can’t wait to see how players will react to this entirely new take on the genre.

Finally, here’s the official blurb on No Rest for the Wicked via the press release:

In the year 841, a pivotal moment dawns upon the kingdom, marked by the passing of King Harol Bolein. A devastating conflict arises when a peaceful transition of power devolves into chaos. In addition to this political turmoil, a deadly plague has reemerged on the remote island of Sacra, twisting the land and its inhabitants. Players must brandish their arms in an effort to quell both the grotesque beasts and the Kingdom’s invading army throughout a turbulent atmosphere where they are pulled in every direction.

Moon Studios will showcase No Rest For The Wicked and reveal more about the game on March 1, 2024.