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No Rest For The Wicked Will Not Require An Internet Connection To Play, Moon Studios Confirms

No Rest For The Wicked is a brand new action-RPG from Moon Studios, the team behind the Ori titles. While this new adventure can be experienced solo, a quick look at gameplay reveals how it was created with multiplayer gameplay in mind.

This has resulted in Moon Studios constantly getting the question “can I play No Rest For The Wicked offline?,” to which the answer is thankfully and unequivocally: yes.

Moon Studios co-founder and production and tech director Gennadiy Korol settled the score about whether or not the game had an offline mode on Twitter, stating clearly that No Rest For The Wicked “will not require online connection to play in Single Player and will feature a rich Offline Mode.”

“Even though Wicked was built from the ground up with multiplayer in mind,” he continued, “we did not want offline-play to feel like a second thought and we want people to be able to play on the go when connection quality is not always ideal.

Our April 18th launch will focus on the single player experience and we will be sharing more details about the Multiplayer aspect of the game later in our Early Access campaign.”

No Rest For The Wicked will arrive as an Early Access title on PC this coming April, and is expected to launch in its full 1.0 state on consoles and PC later this year.

Source – [Gennadiy Korol on Twitter]