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Noir Detective Adventure “Nobody Wants To Die” Revealed, Arrives On PS5 In 2024

Nobody Wants To Die is a new game from developer Critical Hit Games and publisher Plaion, where players are put in the futuristic shoes of Detective James Karra in New York City in the year 2329.

It’s a future where technology has created a means through which people can live forever, so long as you can afford to keep your consciousness alive from one body to the next. In this future, you need to be a paying subscriber to stay alive.

This noir adventure set in a cyberpunk-looking New York City was revealed with a cinematic trailer (via IGN) that showed Karra manipulating time it seemed, with a device on his wrist.

You can check out the trailer for yourself, below.

A serial killer is going after the cities elite, and it’s Karra’s job to find out what’s happening and why. We don’t yet know what kind of gameplay Nobody Wants To Die will feature.

If it’ll be closer to a point-and-click adventure or if you’re detective work looks closer to that of the Batman’s in an Arkham game, potentially with or without all the punching in between.

Nobody Wants To Die is also being built on Unreal Engine 5, and if the cinematic trailer is any indication, it should look stunning when it arrives on PS5 in 2024.

Source – [IGN]