North American PSN update; July 24

It’s Thursday once again which means brand new content on the PlayStation Store. This week’s PSN update provides a little something for everyone; some awesome games are getting temporary price drops (if you don’t own PixelJunk Monsters, buy it now), a varied mix of downloadable games are being released, and we’ll finally get the chance to swing about in the unique PixelJunk Eden. The full update is as follows:

Game Demos

PixelJunk Eden Demo
File size: 107 MB

Downloadable Games

Siren: Blood Curse (3 bundles of 4 episodes @ $14.99/ea & full game SKU for $39.99)
File sizes: Episodes 1 – 12 (8.91 GB), Episodes 1 – 4 (2.95 GB), Episodes 5 – 8 (2.79 GB), Episodes 9 -12 (3.16 GB)

1942: Joint Strike ($9.99)
File size: 129 MB

PSN Game Sale

For one week, the following titles will be offered for $4.99 (regularly priced at $9.99)

* PixelJunk Monsters
* High Velocity Bowling
* High Stakes on the Vegas Strip: Poker Edition
* Rocketmen: Axis of Evil

PS1 Classics for PS3/PSP

Parappa the Rapper (UMD Legacy) ($22.99)
File size: 312 MB

Add-on Game Content

Guitar Hero III: Guitar Virtuoso Pack ($6.25)
 File size: 56.1 MB

Rock Band Add-ons
    * Devour – Shinedown ($1.99)
    * Junkies for Fame – Shinedown ($1.99)
    * Nine Inch Nails Track Pack 02 ($5.49 includes songs below or songs available individually)
         o Last – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
         o Burn – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)
         o Capital G – Nine Inch Nails ($1.99)

File sizes: 25.2 MB – 44.1 MB

Game Videos

PixelJunk Eden Trailer
File size: 151 MB (HD 1080)

Street Fighter IV: E3 2008 Gameplay Trailer
File size: 202 MB (HD)

Street Fighter IV: PS3 Special Trailer
File size: 65 MB (HD)

Bionic Commando Rearmed The Making of Part One
File size: 289 MB (HD)

PS3 Themes

Street Fighter IV Summer 08 PS3 Theme
File size: 1.29 MB

Siren: Blood Curse PS3 Theme
File size: 2.10 MB

PS3 Wallpapers

Killzone 2 Wallpapers (2 for PS3 & 2 for PSP)
File size: 448 KB

PixelJunk Eden Wallpaper
File size: 1.50 MB

Fracture Wallpapers (x4)
File sizes: 1.07 MB – 1.29 MB

Siren Wallpapers (x5)
File sizes: 556 KB – 902 KB