North American PSN update; November 15

Sony has released the latest PlayStation Network update for the U.S. Even with new game demos such as Toy Home and  new trailers like Dark Knight, PS3 owners might not be satified with such a small update.

Here are all the latest PSN additions:

Toy Home demo (free)
Blazing Angels 2 demo (free)
PlayStation Network video (free)
Toy Home trailer (free)
High Velocity Bowling trailer (free)
PAIN launch trailer (free)
Uncharted "Meet The Dogs" video (free)
Ratchet & Clank "Animation" behind the scenes video (free)
Ratchet & Clank "Gameplay" behind the scenes video (free)
Timeshift video (free)
Time Crisis 4 trailer (free)
Battlefield: Bad Company trailer (free)
Burnout "Playgroud" video (free)
The Dark Knight movie trailer (free)
This Christmas movie trailer (free)
Remember That Night Blu-Ray trailer (free)

Stay tuned next week for all your PSN update details.