Novastrike update hits PSN

Sony America and Tiki Games have finally got an update out for punishing scrolling PSN shooter Novastrike.

The update includes four ‘tamed’ difficulty modes, trophy support (12 bronze and 4 silver), customisable controls and the option to play your own music in-game from the XMB. Friendly fire is no longer an issue in RECRUIT and SOLDIER modes; VETERAN mode now packs two extra lives. Tiki Games has added a ‘Replay Stage’ option to the mission summary screen and a ‘Restart Game’ option to the pause menu. Oh, and you’ll be able to keep multiple save files. Sweet.

In addition, there are also a number of gameplay tweaks on offer. Homing weapons now target the outer components of capital vessels to ease the process of stripping away their armaments. Megapacks and repair packs now replenish the afterburner capacitator bar, and your ship enjoys a short period of invulnerability after respawning. A brand spanking new Weapon Info screen pops up whenever you acquire a new weapon (this can be disabled in the options menu). Your ship itself and the collision detection window have been slightly enlargened.

All of which is great news for those sick of seeing their beloved Scythe fighters disintegrate into fiery atoms. If you’re European, of course, you won’t have had the pleasure yet – SCEE is working to get the game out on the righthand side of the Atlantic "as soon as possible."