Nyko Media Hub+ Spotlight

Are you one of the unfortunate gamers who bought a "gimped" PlayStation 3? If that’s the case, you might want to pick up the Nyko Media Hub+.

Nyko sent us a sample to test out, and it’s really simple to use. Just plug the hub into one of your system’s USB ports, and you immediately gain a memory card reader and two extra USB ports (negative one plus three equals two — it’s not rocket science). As a standalone, the Media Hub+ looks fairly unflattering, but once it’s snugly plugged into the underbelly of your system, it looks just fine.


The Media Hub+ is the perfect fix for owners of any PS3 model that shipped with only 2 USB ports and no memory card reader. For you 60 GB folks, however, it’s pretty redundant unless you’re an avid music game fan (damn those dongles!).

Nyko’s Media Hub+ is available in stores now for $19.99 USD.