Objects are weapons in Heavy Rain where "logical"

Quantic Dream boss David Cage has spoon-fed us a little more info on spell-binding PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain.

The player will be able to use objects as weapons, apparently, but you’ll only have the opportunity to do so where "logical" – no free-roaming stab-the-passer-by-with-a-kitchen-fork shenanigans here.

By way of an example, Cage referred to the thrilling sequence screened at this year’s Leipzig event, which depicted a female character trapped in a serial killer’s house.

“You could take the bottle, you can take the screwdriver, you can take the chainsaw, you can use different things and use them as a weapon if the context makes it logical,” he told Videogaming247. “For example, when the guy comes back in, it’s a weapon. But if you’re just in middle the street, no."

"The philosophy behind it is not like GTA and it’s an open world and I can do whatever, even if it’s silly," Cage explained. "You can do whatever makes sense in the context. That’s really our policy.”

Heavy Rain is out next year, and is already looking so lush we’d go to bed with it.