Observer launch trailer reminds you of the horrors that await

Need a new horror game in your life? Then maybe this surprisingly atmospheric Cyberpunk horror game titled "Observer" from Bloober Team (Brawl, Layers of Fear) might be your thing. As part of the press release, it’s been mentioned that Bloober Team is working on updates for the console build of Observer that should improve frame rates and overal performance. Once the patch is out, we’ll let everyone know. 

According to the game’s Wikipedia page, Observer (styled as >Observer_) is a survival horror first-person game set in Polandin the year 2084. You play as Daniel Lazarsk, a detective tasked with hacking into people’s memories and fears with tthe "Dream Eater." I’m going to stop there since one of the best parts of any horror game is discovering stuff yourself. 

So far so good, Observer is tracking well on MetaCritic, and could very well be one of the year’s biggest surprises.

Have you played Observer? What do you make of it so far?