Off Topic pilot episode – What game made you rage the most and why?

Hi, everyone! So, we have decided to produce something a little different here on PlayStation Universe. We are making a bi-weekly comedy/entertainment series that will be uploaded on Fridays to the PSUTube channel. It’s titled Off Topic, features videogame topics, and is hosted by yours truly, Lanie Hyatt. We want our audience to get involved and have fun while visiting our website, so Off Topic’s subject matter will contain the following:

  • Sound Off – The beginning of every episode will be me reading the best answers to the videogame-related questions we ask over our social media and forums.These questions will be posted each week on the same Friday that an episode launches, so keep an eye on our Facebook, Twitter and forums if you wish to participate.
  • Comedy skits involving the subject of the question – During the week between episodes, there will be Let’s Plays and other random content to tide everyone over. We have a spooky surprise for you next week! This first episode is the pilot, and essentially a rough draft. Nothing is set in stone, so we are absolutely open to your suggestions and would love to know what you guys want to see in this series.

We hope you enjoy it.


The question for the next episode is- “What game scared you the most?”

Bring your best/funniest answers and you could be mentioned next!