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Old PS4 Trophies Icons Vs. New PS5 Trophies Icons

With PS5 out and about, we have decided to take the time to give you a look at both the old PS4 Trophies Icons and compare them to the new PS5 trophies icons, so you can judge for yourself as to which one you prefer.

Old PS4 Trophies Icons Vs. New PS5 Trophies Icons

The old PS4 trophy icons go for a more traditional cup look, with your typical handles. However, the new PS5 trophy icons opt for a sleeker more modernised look with curved edges. The biggest change with these new PS5 trophies icons, however, is the Platinum which gets a galaxy swirl inside of it, giving it an other-worldly look.

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What are your thoughts on these trophy icons and which do you prefer the newer PS5 trophies or the PS4 trophies and their symbols?

The PS5 is available now.