Opinion: Still not getting Xbox One. Why Microsoft’s U-turn doesn’t impress me

Earlier today, Microsoft did a complete 180 on the policies surrounding the Xbox One. According to Don Mattrick, President of Microsoft’s Interactive Entertainment Business, the Xbox One will no longer require 24-hour check-ins just to be able to use your console. You can now play games without the internet, and are also able to use your games (Physical copies) in any way that you like. But what does that say about the Kinect being a mandatory piece for the system to even function? That wasn’t even addressed.

See, the purpose of this article is to point out reasons why I still choose Sony over Microsoft and why the announcement of Microsoft’s new policies for the Xbox One hasn’t impressed me. Let’s get started. When Sony announced the PlayStation 4, a lot of questions were raised as a result of the rumors that Microsoft was going to block used games and require online to play its next console, so people were curious as to what Sony’s stance on this was, yet an answer wasn’t provided until E3 when Sony officially confirmed it wasn’t going to do what Microsoft was doing with the PS4.

Next, came Microsoft’s Xbox One announcement in late May, which angered a lot of gamers due to a heavy focus on TV & sports, and not being able to clarify their DRM & used game policies. This is where it begins to anger me because Microsoft knew half a year before, when the always online rumor started on the internet, yet they continued to believe that what it was doing was the best idea for the gaming community. This kind of mentality continued into E3 when it began showing its lack of care for consumer’s opinions.

Before E3, NeoGAF began a campaign demanding that Sony not allow any form of DRM on the PS4, which resulted in major executives acknowledging the concerns of many consumers and speaking directly with them. Actually speaking with the consumers who buy your product is a huge plus since Microsoft failed to even address any major concern until E3. So, how did Microsoft address concerns at E3? It didn’t. First, it failed to even acknowledge the existence of concerns from the gaming community at its E3 press conference over DRM, always-online Kinect and more. Secondly, its cocky executives made things worse. Does anyone remember that lovely reply from Don Mattrick when Geoff Keighly asked about those who don’t have internet, or a steady internet connection? I sure do.

Not only that, but when more gamers became furious with your denial of their concerns, you continue to boast about how your system is "Over-delivering in value"? Give me a break. At least Sony addressed my concerns when I took to Twitter over the DRM issue, let alone they actually decided to go the Anti-DRM route once many people tweeted to them. Third, Major Nelson was interviewed by YouTuber, Angry Joe after E3 and kept getting mad when DRM was brought up. Is that any way to address concerns of people who buy your product?

Listen, I understand Sony isn’t perfect, but when the concerns of many gamers were brought up, it re-affirmed the direction it was going to take, whereas Microsoft kept messing around and ignoring the core issues of every gamer. You honestly want me to believe that it changed its policies because of a public outcry? Give me a break. It was losing terribly in pre-orders everywhere because of its actions, which lead to it changing the functionality of the next gen system. If MS want me to believe that public opinion changed its views on Xbox One, it should have not ignored the many concerns of gamers, let alone give cocky replies when it does eventually decide to acknowledge them. How do you expect anyone to take you seriously?

Honestly, I will be sticking to my PS4 since I know I didn’t have to cut my pre-orders for Sony to listen to me. If my concerns are not good enough for you Microsoft, then my money isn’t either.