Original Hotline Miami confirmed for PS4

Hotline Miami, the original 2D top-down neon-tinged action game, will be getting a release on PlayStation 4 ahead of its sequel, Devolver Digital’s Nigel Lowrie has confirmed.

Speaking to Destructoid during its GDC coverage, the publisher confirmed the originals’ release in line with the fact that its sequel will be turning out on Sony’s newest system later in the year. Gamers needn’t worry, though, as the game will feature the cross-buy mechanic, whereby original owners of the game can upgrade to the PS4 version when the game drops in the near future.

The 2D retro action game was available free of charge on PS3 via the PlayStation Plus service back in October, so it seems plausible that the imminent PS4 release will follow the same route. This is pure speculation at this point, mind, as we’re expecting full confirmation of its release information in the coming days.

Are you looking forward to jumping into the crazy top-down world of Hotline Miami on PS4? Give us your thoughts below.