Original Hotline Miami to release on PS4 later this month, will feature Cross-Buy

The original Hotline Miami, the chic, top-down gore fest from the decrepit minds over at Dennaton Games is to release on PS4 later this month.

Having found fame on PC and later down the line the PlayStation 3, Hotline Miami borrows heavily from 1980s culture, with its pumping synthesiser beats and over-the-top, neon-addled gore. It’s bloody hard, too, with more restarts needed than with Spyro the Dragon 3’s pesky skateboarding minigame.

Hotline Miami will also feature Sony’s patented Cross-Buy model, whereby once you’ve bought the game once you can play it over all the systems that it’s available for. There’s little known about just how Hotline Miami will make use of PS4’s power, though, but you will be able to beat people to death by shaking the DualShock 4, as confirmed via the game’s Twitter.

Many gamers were able to pick up Hotline Miami on PS3 when it was part of PlayStation Plus’ Instant Game Collection earlier this year – it’ll of course mean that those who have it will get the PS4 version completely free.

When prompted for news on the game’s neon-tinged sequel’s release date, the developer was coy, replying: ‘’this year, or next. Or maybe last year.’’

Not good enough if you ask us – it can’t come sooner. 

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