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Overwatch 2 Disables Aim Assist On Consoles When Using Cross-Play, And Players Aren’t Happy

Overwatch 2 can’t seem to catch a break, as now players are once again unhappy with Blizzard’s execution of the launch.

The latest issues effecting players is that when using cross-play on consoles, aim-assist is turned off automatically by Blizzard, and the adjustment is causing some players a real headache.

“For some, it’s just an obstacle,” said user KellySweetHeart on the Overwatch 2 subreddit. “but others just find less enjoyment out of the game being disadvantaged this way.

It’s a total bummer because PC players already perform better on average, so it hits like a double whammy.”

Plenty of people on console already play with aim assist off, though of course the same goes for people who do use it.

To have something that has begun to be engrained in your muscle memory of how to play stripped without you realizing can be a huge blow to how you play.

Reddit user KellySweetHeart ended their message with a plea to Blizzard to reverse this function, and level-out the playing field again.

Source – [Kotaku]