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Overwatch 2 Update 3.69 Now Available For Winter Wonderland Content; Read Full Patch Notes Here

Blizzard has released a chilly batch of Overwatch 2 update 3.69 patch notes for you to feast your eyes on, which brings support for for the game’s Winter Wonderland event.

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Chill out in the Arcade

Winter Wonderland brings festive ways to play Overwatch 2 this holiday season with four returning event mode favorites! If this is your first holiday season playing, keep reading to find out how to play these cool game modes in the Arcade.

Tactical elimination and silly strategies await in Mei’s Snowball Offensive. Armed with snowballs that will knock out the opponents with a single hit, you’ll need to defend yourself with Ice Walls and Cyro Freeze to avoid getting eliminated. If you miss, find fresh snow to vacuum up and reload your shot. Go on a frosty frenzy when you launch your Ultimate and rapid-fire several snowballs in succession. Play with a team in a 5v5 Elimination Ruleset, or prove yourself as a solo-snowball master in a free-for-all Deathmatch.

Go on the hunt for a meat-munching Yeti when you play Yeti Hunt, our unique 5v1 PVP brawl. A single player will play as the Yeti (Winston) to find meat scattered around the map, then go into a primal frenzy that will leave your opponents running for cover, while a team of five Mei will try to freeze, trap, and neutralize the Yeti.

Finally, chill out in Freeze-Flash Elimination, a frosty take on “freeze-tag.” In this elimination 5v5 game mode, heroes don’t get eliminated when they lose all of their health; instead, they’ll be frozen solid. It will be up to their teammates to thaw them without getting iced themselves. The team that can completely freeze the opponent team takes the round—first to three rounds wins.

Play Mei’s Snowball Offensive, Yeti Hunt, and Freeze Flash elimination to complete challenges and earn bonus XP for the Season 8 Battle Pass. As you play, you’ll also progress through the Winter Fair!

Festive New Rewards Await at the Winter Fair

This season, we’re introducing the Winter Fair Event Pass – a new way to unlock Holiday-themed rewards. When you play games of Overwatch 2, you’ll earn tickets to spend at the Winter Fair and unlock rewards of your choice. Tickets are earned for every nine games played, with wins counting as double.

Play on the free track and earn enough tickets to redeem for one free legendary skin of your choice. Choose from the stylish Formalwear Legendary skins for Cassidy or Baptiste, or the warm and cozy Winter Jammies Illari Legendary skin.

If you’re sleighing for more, upgrade to the Premium track for a holiday special price of 500 Overwatch Coins to earn bonus tickets and be able to unlock up to three additional Legendary skins plus other cosmetic items. Unlock new items like the Legendary Wrapping Paper Reinhardt, or pick up the Legendary Kerrigan Widowmaker skin inspired by the StarCraft® hero.

Make sure you spend your earned tickets for these limited-time cosmetics before they disappear! You can spend your tickets on items in the Winter Fair, one week after the Winter Wonderland event. After January 15, any remaining unspent tickets will convert to Overwatch Credits that you can spend on classic Overwatch cosmetics available in the Hero Gallery.





  • Mauga is now available in Competitive Play for players who unlocked him.
  • Base health decreased from 350 to 250.
  • Base armor increased from 150 to 250.

Incendiary and Volatile Chainguns

  • Number of shots with the Incendiary Chaingun to ignite enemies reverted from 15 to 10.
  • Spread decreased from 1.1 to 1 when only one Chaingun is active.


  • Overhealth conversion rate increased from 50% to 60%.



  • Fixed a bug that had some heroes’ default weapon appearing locked behind competitive points.
  • Hero Mastery – Fixed a bug with replays where only the bookmarks of the first run could be selected.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented players from being able to thank each other.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the multi-kill voice over to fail to play.



  • Fixed a bug with Concussion Mine that allowed Junkrat to launch off of it when placed behind a wall